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[BugBomberBoy][DAGORA][DATNAPOKU [DJ]][Peter Quistgard][Raaskalbomfukkerz][.RORO.][Tony Blitzkrieg][Twiz]


____Zoundz like: Soundbugs bombing you inside out

BBB BugBomberBoy is ready to digest your intestines with his supersonic army of soundbugs bombing your inside out. Equipped with an immense amount of warpspeed bombs you are soon to be taken hostage through his vortex of shimmering spectra to a realm of pixelcultureflashes.
In between these flashed Toztizok recorded some of this and released a 10 inch with U-lit records called: 'Quarter life crisis'.


[myspace]____Zoundz like: the wind the rain the thunder and the lightning

Peter Quistgard Dagora is a three piece band consisting of .RORO., Peter Quistgard and the Irish percussionist Stephen.
In the blink of a (third) eye the band appeared, played shows throughout the netherlands, belgium, france and germany, put out a cd and traded their van for a spaceship along the way.

There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)... They wish to speak to you


[youtube]____Zoundz like: mashup with a syric moustache

Datnapoku [dj] widely known throughout the premium class of one man companies, design, precision and comfortable services with exclusive remixes. Put his recordsplicing chainsaw in everything that moves or stands still.


[myspace] ____Zoundz like: 248 grasshoppers operating a giant robot into overdrive

Peter Quistgard Peter Quistgard has been missing in the first years of the Toztizok endavour as his spacecraft was plunged into the swamps of the dutch flevopolder during the first wave of the invasion from planet Toz. Trapped in the swamps he made himself useful with the electronic equipment leftovers from his spacecraft and managed to create the instruments he now uses to clean the heads and bowels of earthlings.
It was Holi Mongoli who first noticed the flux coming from the swamps far away of the tozmen mainbase and then was sent out to investigate on the transmitted frequencies. He quickly found out that he had retreived one of the crew members from mission #37YQOQ7L.
Peter Quistgard releases prototype experimentalism primarily through musical instruments picked up at toy stores and the childrens department of second hand shops, while on his way returning to his fellow species.


[myspace] ____Zoundz like: Gibberish and poetic eruptions on anti-hypnotic electronic music excursions

RBFZ The RaaskalBOMfukkerZ (gibberish bomb-fuckers) is a two-person battalion, which operates from the squatted freeports of the Netherlands, mainly Amsterdam. In 2004 they started operating their guerrilla battle for both more artistic & political balls as sheer insanity in Dutch hip hop and far beyond. This resulted in notorious costumed live-shows, in which experimental beats caused by uninsured illegal operations of Dr. Snoodaard are combined with unhygienic sample gear and boards. Upon this the Formulator (f.k.a. the Silent Partner) erupts combinations of (un-) conscious lyrix, stomachetwisting (sound-) poetic eruptions and unrecognizable human beat boxing-sessions. A bewildering hit at countless festivals, clubs and squats. They believe intellectual property is theft and every soul is free to upload, download or remix their stuff.
During Dutch Punch festival in Russia the RaaskalBOMfukkerZ again proved themselves as a transnational and refreshing antidote in an age of semi-rational semi-democratic billboard cynicism. Let insanity and imagination reign supreme and most of all: let there be gibberish. Beyond any border.
Lyrics: Dutch / English


[myspace] ____Zoundz like: drumadelica.extatica.excitrrrsolos

RORO .RoRo. has been getting more and more free with his percussion based sound art, all though primarily know for his hc/punk past(?) in such bands as Betercore, Kriegstanz en Staathaat, his last performances were with just a snare and a dancer, a snare some bells and an harmonica and improvised atmospheric doom as a drummer with a guitar player.


[myspace] ___Zoundz like: Dark crooning and intense electronic radio theatre music

Tony Blitzkrieg During his unfortunate marriage in a far away country Tony Blitzkrieg gets kicked out to venture and find dishwashing soap, because this one's finished. But dishwashing soap is only available in the faraway land of Kilkalbye. On his way he encounters many terrors only to fail and get killed by supernatural powers. All of this is auditively mutated on the 2005 Kofvitok release: 'Tony Blitzkrieg en de reis naar Kilkalbye'. The truth remains a mystery. What do these final notes of 'Kilkalby' mean? In mysterious ways his presence if felt again. Nevertheless rumor has it that these days
he crawls through the underworld, where he swallows puny earth creatures he drags towards the depths of the earths' crust and gives them telepathic assignments (see also the 'Korstcontrole' EP on Toztizok)...for now that is....


____Zoundz like: A days life in the profession of garbagemen

Twiz creates experimental beats often adding good ol' happy hardcore tunes for your listening pleasure. He manages to surprise the listener frequently with his new work of atmospheric nature. Bouncing and trippy are words to describe his music. I could go on like this for a couple of pages, but why don't you listen to his music? It saves me lots of typing time...